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The main Harvard Law School campus consists of 19 buildings and is located at 1585 Massachusetts Avenue, on the northwest corner of Harvard Yard, bordered by Massachusetts Avenue and Everett Street.

Additional Law School buildings are located at 1651 Massachusetts Avenue and 125 Mount Auburn Street in Harvard Square, and at 122 Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain, MA, a neighborhood in Boston.


In this map of the Harvard Law School Campus, HLS buildings are indicated in red. Other Harvard campus buildings are indicated in blue.


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Take the Cambridge/Allston exit (exit 18 from the west, exit 20 from the east). Follow the Cambridge signs off the ramp to the traffic lights. Stay in the middle lane while crossing the bridge. Proceed straight across the bridge onto River Street. Stay in the left lane and follow River Street into Central Square, the first major traffic intersection. Travel straight across the intersection. (Here the street becomes Prospect Street.) At the second traffic light, turn left onto Broadway. Follow Broadway until you must bear right at the fire station, onto Quincy Street. Move into the left lane and turn left at the light onto Cambridge Street. Proceed down through the underpass and move into the far right lane which feeds into Massachusetts Avenue. The Law School is on the right, approximately one block farther. There are parking meters along both sides of the street.


Take exit 26 for Storrow Drive, using right lane and following signs for Storrow Drive. Take left lane exit for Government Center/Kendall Square/3 North and bear right at sign for Kendall Square. Proceed across bridge onto Broadway. Follow Broadway for two miles until you must bear right at the fire station, onto Quincy Street. Move into the left lane and turn left at the light onto Cambridge Street. Proceed through the underpass and move into the far right lane which feeds into Massachusetts Avenue. The Law School is on the right, approximately one block further. There are parking meters along both sides of the street.


From Route 128 (I-95), take the exit for Route 2 East to Arlington and Boston. Travel approximately 6.5 miles, approaching the rotary from left lane. Bear left, following signs for 3 North and 16 East to Medford. At the first light, turn right onto Massachusetts Avenue. Proceed 1.8 miles to Everett Street on the left (15th traffic light). The Law School begins here, on the left. There are parking meters along both sides of the street.



Take the Red Line train (towards Alewife) to Harvard Square. From Harvard station, either walk north through Harvard Yard to the Law School or take the Church Street exit from the T station, and walk north on Massachusetts Avenue to the Law School.


Take the Silver Line bus that stops outside all airline terminals to South Station. From here, take the Red Line train inbound to Harvard (train marked Alewife). Travel time: 45 minutes. More about Logan Airport.


South Station is the final destination for Amtrak and some commuter trains. Take the Red Line inbound to Harvard. Travel time: 30 minutes.


Some commuter rail lines end at North Station. Take the Green Line inbound to Park Street. Go downstairs and take the Red Line outbound to Harvard. Travel time: 40 minutes.



Several MBTA bus lines stop in Harvard square, refer to the MBTA website for routes and schedules.


South Station is the final destination for most Greyhound and Trailways buses. Take the Red Line inbound to Harvard. Travel time: 30 minutes.



The Shuttle Bus is designed to provide students, faculty and staff with safe, convenient transportation on the Cambridge and Allston campuses throughout the academic year, except during recesses and a slightly reduced service during the January Term. The service is free to members of the Harvard community. There are several routes that zigzag throughout Harvard University’s campuses. View the complete Harvard shuttle schedule. You can also see in real time where the shuttles are anytime you want with Shuttle Tracker For the Web and For Your Mobile Device. Pocket-sized schedules are available throughout the campuses, including the Information Center located in the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center arcade, House offices, libraries, dining halls, and shuttle buses. For more information, call 617-495-0400.

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